Every Thursdsay


I’m participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge, hoping to write every day in March. My thanks to them, their team and to all of the writing community there that provides support and caring challenge as we all strive to be better writers and teach our writers better.

For this post I used a mentor text. Much of my work right now is with teachers and supporting them as they use mentor texts with their developing writers. We often base our own writing on mentor texts so that we can immerse ourselves in the work we are inviting our students to do. The Mentor text is Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

Thursdays are my favorite day.

They are the least predictable of any day of the week for me but I know that every Thursday I will learn. I will learn something new about the world and I will learn something new about learning. I’ve learned to watch and listen to those who are learning. Those remarkable people teach me important things.


I get in my car and drive into the sunrise. I think about the day ahead. Some days I sing loudly and passionately. It’s like meditation. Other days I slowly sip hot sweet coffee. I learn about stories and how they carry important information generation to generation. I learn about how to hold a camera so I can capture learning in action and share it with others. I learn how to ask the right questions that will help learner focus and uncover possibilities at the same time. I learn how to slow down. Nothing needs to happen as fast as we think it does.

I drive all over my sprawling city so that I can learn and support learning.  Every Thursday I end up in a place of learning–a school, a river, a learning commons. Every thursday I drive into the sunset, return home changed because of my learning.


Thursdays are my favorite day.





5 thoughts on “Every Thursdsay

  1. Tuesdays are my favorite — something about the not quite Monday but still feels a little longing for the previous weekend that makes them beautiful. My husband, on the other hand, refers to them as “Tired Tuesdays” and hates them.
    I love that you are using mentor texts with students and teachers. What a great way to learn to write! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I LOVE that you did this! Mentor texts are so powerful for ALL writers, not just developing writers. I love that you’re doing this in front of and with teachers. So good for everyone involved!


  3. I literally got goose bumps from your slice. Chills – all over!! Welcome to the SOL community! I really look forward to reading your writing this month – I think I will be inspired!


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